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Are You Ready? I am!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

My therapy room isn't open just yet, but preparations are in place. Last night I met up with my fellow therapists based at IMSL House, Benton Park Road, South Gosforth, NE7 7LX to chat about reopening our businesses in the safest way possible.

We’ve independently carried out our risk assessments in readiness for our return and needed to touch base to make decisions as a group, if you passed by at 6 pm you'll have seen us sitting in a large circle, chairs all 2m apart in the cool fresh air talking about the 'new normal' in what felt almost like the old normal, we were socialising! There were crisps (my all time favourite) and even a glass of wine 😁. It felt good!

I’ll be updating as and when I can, there are no guarantees that it'll be the 4th July, but I have everything firmly crossed .

But, and this is a BIG BUT, I wanted to say a huge thank you to clients past and present who’ve checked up on me during lockdown to see how I’m doing, sent me testimonials, messages that I'm being missed, in addition to that it's been so encouraging for me to have sold as many gift vouchers as I have, knowing that you’ve wanted to continue to support me has been absolutely brilliant, my heart is well and truly warmed!!!

I've managed to catch a glimpse of some of you as I’ve delivered hand sanitizer, Essential Oils, Diffusers and a little home baking, to see your smiles from a safe distance or through the glass as I left my wares on your doorstep have been some of my happiest days, knowing I've brought a smile makes my heart do a little leap.

This has been the most unusual phase of all our lives (I feel quite safe in saying that), nothing, absolutely nothing prepared us for the enormity of this even though we knew it was coming and I’m sure you’ll agree that the emotional rollercoaster has at times been incredibly turbulent. Some days have been wonderful, especially the sunny ones. Then, there have been the gloomy ones and I’m not talking about the weather this time.

As a holistic therapist this has been so difficult because I see clients from all walks of life, for all kinds of reasons but one of the biggest can be stress! And this has been awfully stressful! So, whether you’ve been isolated and completely alone, a frazzled Mother trying your very best to be a teacher, peacekeeper, referee, Mum and reassuring carer or suddenly found yourself relocating to the kitchen table and trying to be a ‘business as usual employee you have my respect, complete respect.

Not being able to have those hugs and warm embraces is damaging to our very core, touch is vital for our wellbeing so when normality resumes, boy oh boy, there are going to be so, so, so many hugs going on. That will be one of the best days of our lives for sure, putting everything back into perspective.

I know how I feel when I've had my reflexology treatment or massage, there are always positive changes in my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing all through touch, I know too, how I've struggled having to go without! So, I'm not surprised by how many texts I've had asking when am I going to be back?

I am going to be busy; I have clients with their gift vouchers at the ready, I've created a VIP list of clients who've paid a deposit too, so if you’re wanting to get in touch and book, please don’t delay get in touch as soon as possible because I’m not going to be seeing as many clients as usual.

My only therapy initially is going to be reflexology and there will be thorough cleaning in between clients to ensure that you are very safe with me at R&R and have the treatment you deserve to help create a calm sense of balance. Hell, I know how much that is needed.

So, thank you, thank you, once again for all of the support given to me and my small business, I am so looking forward to being back at work.

Rachel x

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