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I'm a Cheerleader!

Now please, eradicate the vision of pom poms, cheering and acrobatics, if you know me you'll chuckle at that vision. No, I'm not that kind of cheerleader. Not at all!

I recently carried out a survey within my holistic therapy practice and when I do it’s a perfect opportunity to ask for a testimonial. One testimonial prompted me to write this blog.

‘I’ve been visiting Rachel for 2.5 years and value my time here so much. An oasis of calm and relaxation with a warm welcome. Rachel is empathic and calming, very knowledgeable and a cheerleader for women. I always leave feeling lighter.’

Beautiful words and so very kindly written.

I take my work as a holistic therapist seriously and absolutely adore what I do. I work with both males and females, although most of my clientele are female. Am I a cheerleader? Absolutely I am, to both sexes, it is my aim to help all clients feel the very best they can. In this blog I’m writing for my female visitors, however I appreciate it won’t be for all women!

We are all so incredibly unique, we each have beautiful qualities, yet for many of us, we seldom recognise them, we are more likely to have low self-worth (not all the time but certainly some of it), question ourselves in so many ways and we can be very quick to put ourselves down or allow others to.

So, if I can help a woman to feel worthy, encourage their strengths, congratulate them on their successes, (even if it’s getting out of bed on a dreadful day, or drinking less alcohol during the week), I will.

A recent experience

I was having a bit of an emotional wobble, so to lift my mood I decided to buy a lunch for myself on the way to work, something i very rarely do. On arriving to collect it part of the order was missing, so I asked about it. The look I received made me feel I’d done something wrong, already feeling vulnerable I felt my eyes prickle but, shortly followed by a feeling of irritation. I waited for the rest of my order, put a big smile on my face and said ‘thank you so much’ and drove off. This left me feeling much better in myself!

Why did I react in this way? Because I thought, what if her expression was annoyance at herself, irritation that she’d got something wrong, worried that it would be picked up by management, maybe she was already under scrutiny? Maybe she was having a really tough time herself and anyway, why did I think her expression was aimed at me? I’d done nothing wrong, but I took it as a criticism, a sensitivity in my behaviour because ‘I’ was already feeling low.

Life can be harsh with so many external pressures, work, expectations, children, teenagers, an empty nest, menstrual cycles, menopause, ill health, elderly parents, personal relationships, the list goes on.. They all impact on us daily and if we only faced each day with a little more compassion for ourselves and others around us life may be a little softer.

So, when a client visits my therapy room, they know the pressures for 60 minutes are on the other side of the door, no one can contact them (if they choose to switch off their phone), they can have a moan and know I won’t make a judgement, they can cry, swear, laugh or snooze, it's their time.

How can we cheer-lead the special women around us?

The answer is with positivity, encouragement, compassion and kindness. Is there anything else you'd add to the list?

We can all remind our fellow women of their resilience, their determination, their courage and strengths. I think we are often cheerleaders for others but rarely for ourselves, so here’s a reminder, you are brilliant! Utterly brilliant!!

Be your own cheerleader or pop along and let me be yours.

Rachel x

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