Reiki Is a safe and gentle non-invasive healing technique, that helps balance, heal and harmonise, it treats the whole person, supporting the mind and body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by releasing energy blockages & imbalances. The client remains fully clothed, and lies comfortably on the therapy couch whilst I place my hands either slightly above or on the body.

Experiences vary from person to person but generally speaking a sense of deep relaxation is felt as tension, stress and anxiety are eased during the therapy, other health issues that benefit are:                                                        

Relieves aches & pains

Post operative care (promoting healing)

Releases negative energy & emotions

Improves mental clarity & concentration..

...All leading to a deep sense of peace and improved well being.                                    

Reiki treatments are completely safe as it doesn't interfere with any conventional medical care or holistic therapies you may already be receiving.

Taster sessions are available for reflexology & reiki.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping)


EFT is a therapy that helps to release any emotional blockages that have a detrimental effect on our emotional health wellbeing. Over time some life experiences can have a negative impact on our behaviour & beliefs which can impact on our emotional and physical health.

How does it work?

By tapping on meridian points it is possible to clear negative emotions, offering relief to long standing issues and clearing negative sources, creating a sense of relief which can be long lasting. Once the techniques have been learnt it's very easy to continue on your own as & when you may need it.

EFT can be beneficial for a wide range of problems for example traumatic events, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional issues.

Hand Massage

It's not unusual to feel discomfort or pain in your hands from time to time as our hands are constantly on the go, whether at home, work or play! Having a hand massage improves the circulation, your range of motion and improves your grip, it’s also known to ease arthritic pain.


Your hands deserve a real treat from time to time and a hand massage can be much needed essential maintenance too, a relaxing massage that you can feel the benefits almost immediately.


Holistic Facial


A gentle, soothing treatment to cleanse, tone & nourish your skin. There are over 40 muscles in the face so a facial can help to reduce tension that has built up, relaxing the muscles and tissue, the circulation is given a boost which noticeably brightens your complexion.

Did you know that a facial can actually decrease anxiety, leading to a lift in your mood? What's not to like?


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massages involve working with the head, face, neck, shoulders and back. It's surprising just how relaxing an Indian Head Massage is as we carry so much tension around these areas. So having an Indian Head Massage can help with a variety of health concerns both physically and mentally, for example:

Headaches & Migraines

Upper back pain

Release tension

Stimulate hair growth

Detoxify the body

Relieves symptoms of anxiety & depression

Renews energy levels

Improves memory

Can aid sleep & relaxation

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