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Can grounding help anxiety?

Have you heard of the expression, grounded? Are you aware of what it is? Or even why you should spend time grounding for your well-being?

To be grounded means to feel connected with (literally) the ground beneath you, with your body, to be in touch with the environment around you, and more importantly to have a connection with the here and now. You are mindful and aware of how life is, right now! Without hoping and dreaming about how you would like life to be, you feel comfortable with how things are now.

We spend so much time in our heads, with hundreds of thoughts each day, and we are often guilty of not making the most of the present, grounding can help change that.

There are times in our lives when we feel all at sea, as though the ground beneath us has been swept away, for example when redundancy happens, when a relationship suddenly breaks down, or when there is the death of a loved one, these are all occasions where our stability & security are affected. Grounding can help restore an element of calm at that precise moment when it's needed the most.

Here is one of the methods that can help with Grounding.

It's the 5,4,3,2,1 method that connects you to your senses and is ideal when there is a feeling of anxiety, worrying about the future, or rumination about past events, this will help bring you back to the present, enabling you to have some clarity and may even help avoid a panic attack.

Look for 5 things, focus on each thing in turn, what is it? Is it a natural product, what size is it? focus on the colour too.

Touch 4 things, what are they? Are they a personal belonging? Are they warm, or cold? Are they soft or hard?

Listen to 3 different sounds, you’ll immediately focus on the noisiest, but what about the quietest? Your breath, the breeze, birdsong, footsteps.

Smell 2 things, what is there in your locality? Flowers, herbs, perfume, clothing you’re wearing, are there aromas being carried in the air, cooking, smoke?

Taste 1 thing, become aware of the taste in your mouth already, have a mint, a mouthful of coffee, or even a glass of water.

Doing this exercise pulls you back from the past or the future, it returns you to the moment in time, can quieten the mind, and bring your awareness back to your body.

Tips to help with grounding

There is also a range of holistic therapies I can offer at R&R Therapy, South Gosforth, including reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy blending and meditation to help ease mental health issues, including anxiety, stress, and depression that will quieten an overactive mind, you can find details here

I'm always happy to share more methods during your appointment too, so just mention it to me.

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