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Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I’d write a blog about the questions I get asked about my business, the therapies I offer as well as some of the other things that crop up.

1. Where are you based?

You will find me within IMSL House on Benton Park Road, South Gosforth, NE7 7LX, many of you will probably have passed the building and maybe even wondered what it is used for. Well, in recent years its become almost a therapy centre, you could make an appointment to see a podiatrist, have a pedicure, and have traditional foot reflexology (with me) all under the same roof.

2. How do I get in touch?

You can contact me directly in a variety of ways, firstly I’d recommend looking at my website because there would find some information about all of the therapies I offer, as well the contact page. In the very near future, you’ll be able to book via the online booking system too.

3. Can I have any holistic therapy?

I’d love to say yes, but on occasions, treatment wouldn’t be recommended. Please do ask the question though because whilst one treatment may not be suitable, another may be. For For

example, if you are suffering from a migraine, I wouldn’t offer an Indian Head Massage, but Reflexology may help to relieve your pain.

4. How often can you have reflexology?

Most of my clients visit on a monthly or 6-weekly basis, what they believed was a treat or monthly luxury they realised was an integral part of their well-being once they couldn’t visit during the Covid lockdowns. It is preventative maintenance!

I also have a client who comes on her birthday every year, it is entirely up to you. I may recommend more frequent visits if there is a particular health condition that you need assistance with, or if you are on the journey of trying to become parents, I offer both Conception reflexology and Maternity reflexology. Whatever you choose you'll always get a warm welcome!

5. What do holistic therapies help with?

Well, here’s the thing, there are so many anecdotal benefits, but I can’t speak about them because of advertising rules and the need for research and evidence. You’d have to follow my social media to see the feedback that clients share, I’m on and

However, I can tell you that holistic therapies are known as complementary therapies because they support conventional methods of healthcare.

They treat the ‘whole’ person not just one aspect of their health, so as a holistic therapist I focus on the physical, emotional & mental health well-being too, however, I won't diagnose nor claim to cure a health issue. Holistic therapies aid relaxation, improve the flow of energy within the body, release toxins, strengthen the sense of well-being, ease mental stress, improve circulation, and help release endorphins which improve the mood and are the pain-killing hormone. Holistic therapies are known for encouraging bodily balance which helps to restore homeostasis (stability within the body).

6. Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured with Balens Insurance, I am also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and have DBS Clearance as I offer both baby reflexology & reflexology for children too.

7. Are you open on a weekend and do you do a later evening?

I currently work two Saturdays a month, Tuesdays I finish at 7 with my last appointment being 6 pm. (both are very popular so if you are interested in either book ahead). Thursday is my non-client-based day, it’s a day to work on all the behind-the-scenes stuff & do additional training.

8. What therapies do I offer?

Please take a peek at my website to find out more. I offer reflexology for women’s health including menopause. Reiki, Indian Head massage, meditation, aromatherapy blending, crystal healing, and holistic facials.

9. What would you recommend?

This is something I’m happy to discuss when a client visits for the first time, particularly if they’ve never had holistic therapy before.

10. What’s your most popular treatment?

By far, it's reflexology! I’m happy to combine two therapies within a session also, the popular combination tends to be reiki and reflexology or holistic facial and reflexology.

Most of my clientele visits are through referrals now and having a website is very helpful. That's where you can do your research and decide whether you like the sound of me and my practice,

You’ll find various testimonials there too, also on my Google business page, search for reiki or reflexology near me (if you live near South Gosforth and Newcastle) and look for R&R Therapy and one day we may meet.

Thanks for reading and if you’ve any further questions please get in touch

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