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10 tips to help cope, let's be positive people!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

So, this all came about quite suddenly didn't it? We knew it was going to affect us but the speed in which it did came as a bit of a shock for me and for many others I know.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken a hold of our Country now and we are all impacted in every aspect of our lives, so rather than focus on the seriousness of this situation, (the news programmes are doing this well), I want to offer ways to help you! We are resilient beings, yet social too, so the full force of being in LOCKDOWN is far from easy for every single one of us.

Focusing on the future, I do feel that the world may be a kinder place, I do truly hope so! There has to be some light at the end of this dark time, don't you agree?

As individuals, we all have a whole host of different priorities, the importance of those we love and being able to see and spend time with them once again will be magical, appreciating the freedom to move around once again, not taking so much for granted and maybe living a simpler life, I'd like to think so.

At this moment in time, the kindness, generosity and love being shown by humankind is incredibly heart warming from the clapping for the NHS (very emotional to say the least), offers being made by neighbours to do shopping & errands, Joe Wicks doing his bit for children's fitness, retail, banking staff, workers for the utility companies all setting foot out of the door to keep this country ticking as best it can.

Businesses helping each other in ways you wouldn't believe, I have to give a shout out for #Mintbizclub, the founder Nicola Jane Little, has been a total inspiration to members of the MINT Business Club, she tells it as it is, wears her heart on her sleeve and with everyone in the group working together we are trying to help as many businesses survive here in the North East of England as possible, with additional online training, daily support, just knowing we're not alone and that there is an ear that will always listen has been incredibly supportive.

So you see this blog is one of positivity! Adding to that I wanted to offer some guidance for getting through these next few weeks and months. I'm not going to lie and wrap it in bright pink ribbon and say this is going to be a doddle, it's going to be tough but WE can do it.

It's like Christmas without the gifts, goodies and toilet roll so what can you do?

1 - Have a routine - this is vital! It's too easy to sit around and have no motivation, so if you have to create a timetable, do it!

2 - Sleep is important, so try to keep your regular sleep patterns going, I know it's difficult, particularly if you're stressed, but if you can get sleep your mental health will benefit. Exercise is a must too, so make the most of getting into the fresh air, check out YouTube too, Step Aerobics, Full Body workouts, Zumba, Yoga, there's so, so much, you're spoilt for choice.

3 - It's imperative to make time for some SELF-CARE too, walking, reading, following positivity on Social Media rather than getting caught up in the news and negativity, my Facebook page is, I prefer to post positivity, stuff to lift our mood and share my therapies and availability too.

4 - Eat a healthily, nutritional diet to strengthen your immune system. Find new recipes you'd like to try, as long as you can get the ingredients there's no excuse now you've got the time and remember to stay hydrated.

5 - Avoid consuming too much can create a rosy glow but it won't is a depressant!

6 - Don't watch or read too much on the news, just keep yourself up to date on the necessities, there are some fabulous things on Social Media now but equally the negative, so steer clear of that as best you can.

7 - Being thrown together as a family can bring out the best and the worst, so give each other time and space, listen to what each person has to say, they are all equally valuable! Don't allow the children be the brunt of your frustrations, they will be struggling too. Try not to discuss too much in front of them they will need even more support & reassurance than ever before.

8 - Breathe, focus on your breath, this will help you to cope in a much more positive way, simply sitting quietly and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes will ease the tension and help you through the difficult times. Play some relaxing music, lie on your bed or sit comfortably whilst doing so.

9 - Please, please follow the Government guidelines, don't have a 'don't care' attitude, if we all do this together it will help everyone and save lives.

10 - If you live alone or are not seeing your family as much as you're used to then communicate, ring, talk to each other, write to one another, send funny clips, share the good stuff, create a Zoom/Facetime/WhatsApp group so you can have a 'virtual get together.' If the sun is shining enjoy your garden or throw open the windows and let the fresh air rush in.

Wishing you all safety and good health

Take care & be kind

Rachel x

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