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Lockdown is beginning to ease

Dear, Reader

I hope as you read this you and your family are keeping well, this last year has certainly been something to remember forever. Imagine telling future generations we weren’t allowed to go out for more than an hour a day, couldn’t hug family that didn’t live with us, that most of the shops were closed, as were cinemas, restaurants, hotels and even Christmas was pretty much cancelled!

There is a dim light beginning to shine brighter as we ease out of lockdown.3, let’s hope we continue to go in the right direction because we all need some normality, desperately!!

As we begin to move forward there is a sense of hope, take a deep breath, there will be planned family get-togethers, hugs and tears of every single emotion possible. There will be those with family members who tragically passed away due to Covid and many other health issues, this will be time for reflection, regrets, and wishes and my heart really does go out to those of you who’ve lost loved ones.

We’ve adjusted so well in many ways, to having virtual social gatherings on WhatsApp, work meetings via Zoom & Teams, not physically seeing each other for so long and home-schooling thrown into the mix for those with children. It’s been tough...That's an understatement.

Now as we begin to resurface and ease out of lockdown, we’ve much to look forward to but at the same time anxiety is building. And understandably so. We’ve felt much safer at home for so long now. So, I’ve written this blog for a couple of reasons; 1) to reassure you that all these feelings are completely natural and 2) share some tips to help.

Routine is paramount! I personally found having a rough timetable helped me enormously during lockdown.1 and after a week I felt much calmer and able to cope more positively. It wasn’t elaborate in any way but I made sure I ate 3 meals a day, I made the most of time out of the house (even though it was only the hour) and spent time in the garden, obviously as we return to our workplaces the flexibility will fade but try to ensure you eat regularly, get some exercise and have a bedtime routine.

Remember we are all very different, we all cope with situations very differently, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else, try not to be judgemental of others either. Be super kind to yourself and others too.

If you feel particularly anxious don’t have huge expectations of yourself. Little by little you’ll become stronger and your resilience will strengthen.

( hear of people saying they can’t wait to get to the pub and socialise again, I’m not sure how I feel about that at this very moment in time, but the one thing I will say is, I will only do what I’m comfortable with. I’ve become content at home and the sense of safety has been very reassuring. So, although I cannot wait to meet a friend for a coffee and a catch-up, I do have reservations about being in a crowded place. So, you’re not alone if this is how you feel.)

If you’re a parent, you’ve survived the home-schooling, WOW! You’ve done something you’ll never envisioned ever having to do, don’t forget to give yourself some credit, (even if there were days where you were climbing the walls or screaming like a banshee at your youngsters), don’t waste your energy focusing on the negatives.

You’ve all had to make huge sacrifices and emotionally that will have impacted you as a family. Fingers crossed that is now in the past and you can move forward as a parent/child once again. Celebrate that achievement together as you now begin to go in your own directions, that’s going to be a challenge too. Make time to talk and share time with plenty of fun and frolics thrown into the mix.

If you begin to struggle with feelings of stress, your body will naturally go into the ‘fight or flight' mode, to ease the flow of adrenaline and cortisol and reinstate a sense of calm focus on your breathing, inhale slowly through your nose, hold for a moment or two and breathe out slowly through your mouth, whilst you do that press one of your thumbs into the opposite palm (as shown in the image.

Wishing you days filled with love, laughter and freedom

Rachel xx

Our mental health is vitally important and should never be ignored, if you are feeling unwell please seek medical advice. I shall (hopefully) be reopening on April 12th, if you'd like to try holistic therapy please do get in touch.

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