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R&R's top 5 tips for Christmas

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

If you are like me life is busy, the days are full and the weeks fly by in the blink of an eye, so how do we cope with Christmas and all the preparations....we do, we just do, but here are my top 5 tips for making it a little more manageable with prompts to help you feel not so overwhelmed.

In years gone by I've got my knickers in a knot thinking about everything that needed to be done when time was well and truly against me, or it felt that way. But in actual fact, it was only ME creating the stress and pressure for myself.

My home had to sparkle, I'd spend hours scrubbing skirting boards, wiping down the tops of door frames! WTF?! Cleaning out cupboards before I filled them with pickles and sauces that the telly box told me I had to have!

Then after quite a serious accident one year and having to spend Christmas in and out of hospital waiting for surgery it changed absolutely everything I felt about Christmas.

We don't need to do a huge food shop.

We don't need to have a home where the tops of doors are completely dust-free (or is that just me??)

We don't need to have outfits that sparkle as much as the Christmas lights

We don't need so, so many things that are all new to me, ie Christmas Eve Boxes or new festive bedding - although I did love seeing my children bathed, in their new pj's climbing into the freshly laundered bedding, however, even the pj's don't need to be new!

Don't allow yourself to get swept along with the craziness of spending even more of your well earned pennies.


Prioritise what is most important to you at Christmas.

Once you grasped that, start your list. I start mine with Home, Shopping, Food & Gifts.

Obviously, there are some jobs that need to be done around the house before Christmas Day or even before your tree is put up, so what are they, write them down and read them back carefully, are they all vital or can you cross one or two out?

When it comes to shopping, whether you're invited to lunch at someone else's house or a restaurant you still need to do some food shopping,


Ask the family what their favorite foods are at Christmas, it's a time to enjoy, the things you love, whether you open your doors to visitors or batten down the hatches and hibernate.

Having those treats are what Christmas is about, so whether it's twiglets, mince pies or a lavish hot chocolate - get them in and enjoy!

Remember too, what you don't have you can go without, So, if you forget the cranberry sauce it's going to be absolutely fine!

Don't overbuy either, that family box of crackers will be a waste if you're going to throw them way in early January so just choose the usual small selection.

Buy wisely, because the money you don't spend is so much better in your own pocket.


Now I've mentioned money, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, only buy what YOU can afford! It is not worth spending the bulk of the next year paying off your debt. Make the list of who to buy for with a budget and stick to it! And, maybe its time to have those conversations about not buying for some people, they may be grateful for the conversation too or suggest a small token family gift,.

Tie a gift tag to a lovely gift bag and fill the bag with a bottle of pop or alcohol, a family bag of popcorn, some sweets, and nuts, on the gift tag write 'enjoy a night in on me!' Keep it simple because it is the thought that counts.


Try and support small local businesses, follow their Facebook & Instagram pages and see what they have on offer, sign up for newsletters, watch for updates on special events they may be attending. You'll be amazed at what we actually have on our doorsteps. These lovely businesses are all in the North East. gorgeous leather goods, bakery, jewelry & beautiful stationery.

Knowing how it feels when a sale is made as a small business owner, it's lovely to shop locally it really does bring a smile to our faces and it's a wonderful way to shop, so much better than a robot picking your item off a shelf, Don't you think?

Handamde by LollaMac

beautifully handcrafted jewelery,

Tori Lo Designs, beautiful handmade leather products

The most delicious bakes from Mini Mixers

Beautiful stationery created by The posh Paper Co

Clicking on the link will take you to their facebook pages


Breathe deeply!

The big day quite often leads to tears, especially from little ones with all of the excitement, a teenager with a gift they really DIDN'T want or maybe even from the chef - of - the - day when the turkey isn't quite what it was supposed to be. Remember to breathe, remember too, that most things can be rectified - maybe not the turkey - but you'll laugh about it in years to come, just as I did, when one year my turkey was a massive dissapointment then i realised I'd cooked it upside down...maybe one or two processo's too many.

If you'd like to support my small business I'm R&R Therapy, based in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, I offer a range of holistic therapies to help clients to rebalance and feel restored, rested and relaxed. Vouchers are available from my website, so if someone you love deserves some pampering and peace, hop on over and make your purchase.

Gift Vouchers by R&R Therapy...clicking on the link will take you to the place to purchase

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and New Year!

Rachel x

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