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It's Children's Mental Health Week (1-7 February 2021)

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Last year I worked with #ChildrenNorthEast and supported their charity with fundraising at R&R Therapy, this year I thought I’d create some Social Media posts for my Blissful Baby Reflexology Facebook Page, many of the parents who attended my classes will have small children now, so these hints and tips are for you, you may find them useful whilst you are doing your best to remain calm and in control during this lockdown.

Life is still as busy as ever for many, with work and home-schooling, but in a totally different way. We’ll never look at life in the same way, again will we?

Roll on the days where we’re chasing the children around the house, encouraging them to get dressed and have breakfast before flying out of the door in time for the nursery or school bell.

Until then, lets try and create a little harmony, build better bonds, enjoy, and appreciate the time together (I’m not deluded, it’s impossible all of the time), but if you have a good morning, afternoon or a full day, then its worthy of a few high five’s.

It’s many years since I had small children in the house but having worked with children for over 30 years, as well as having my own two, I’ve been able to pull all kinds of ideas out of the bag, so I’ve created daily Social Media posts to hopefully help your week go a little smoother.

Whilst studying for my N.N.E.B a gazillion years ago I would observe children whilst they were working, eating and playing, I loved it! Children fascinate me, how they embrace all they’re offered and their very honest view of life. I would focus on their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Did I do much of this as a parent? Err, no, not consciously, who has the time?! But their wellbeing was always at the top of the list, more now than ever the psychological wellbeing of children is paramount. This is a worrying and confusing time for us all but for children they need so much reassurance, care and love to help them understand what's happening. Patience really is the key here and at times the patience is hard to find, very hard, when you're under pressure with work, trying to run a home and be a teacher too. For those of you with children still at school that creates a whole set of other worries, it's so difficult and I can completely understand.

Life is life and its full on!

So, try and create activities that are fun, lighten the mood, the theme for Children's Mental Health Week is Express yourself. Set some boundaries but let there be elements of freedom too, let your children make some of the decisions, give them responsibility, let there be some laughter and fun, be completely silly together, they're missing that with their friends. You’ll find my posts on my Facebook page throughout the week.

But before you take a look here's a lovely recipe for Flapjacks too, it's easy to make, quick to bake and delicious to eat.

6oz Butter

2 tablespoons Golden Syrup

8oz Soft Brown Sugar

4oz Rolled Oats

6oz Cornflakes

4oz Self Raising Flour

Melt the butter, syrup and sugar in a pan over a low heat.

Once melted mix with the dry ingredients and spread evenly in a baking tray.

Oven 180 degrees for 6-8 minutes.

Do not eat until cooled.

Top Tip for older children. When it comes to sharing, if you’ve baked a cake, or something that needs cutting, ask them to cut it, if they cut it, they don’t take the first piece, they’ll become a little more careful in the size of the slices :) they'll not want someone to have a bigger piece than them!

Mix cornflour with water and a little food colouring, it needs to be a fairly moderate stiff consistency, (if it's too thick water it down a little) it’ll pour from a jug like liquid but when it lands on the surface it’ll appear almost solid, brilliant messy fun.

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