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Here to share my crystal knowledge with you..

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Crystals have been around for millions of years with so much history attached to them, whether they've been used as adornments, for religious purposes, health reasons and healing.

My first introduction to crystals was as a little girl, I lived in Zambia and whilst on a family holiday traveling to South Africa I was given a small polished Amethyst; I loved it and all these years later, still have it.

At that time, it was just a very pretty stone. However, fast forward many, many years later, whilst having a massage I was recommended to buy some Malachite and place it against my body to aid sciatic pain relief. Being open minded in regards to natural health care & healing I thought I’d give it a go, who knew crystals healed as well as looking pretty?!

Rather elegantly (lol) I cello taped a small piece to my underwear and by the end of the day the discomfort had completely gone! I was convinced and started buying a few crystals, building a personal collection long before I qualified as a holistic therapist.

Now I know many people are sceptical of how a stone can help you heal, but if you think about how Essential Oils have been discovered and developed over the years being used for many different aspects of healing, crystals are not so different. They've been used for healing different aspects of wellbeing for a very long time, overtime the benefits have been noted, recorded, stored and shared continues to evolve!

So, how can you use them?

My top 5 tips

Pop them in your pocket, in you bag or even your bra, I tend to carry one at a time but you can carry more. For example, If I was spending too much time in my head I'd carry one to help ground me. If I was going to be in a negative environment I'd carry one for protection.

Wear them as jewellery, a pendant, earrings or bracelet. (a lovely excuse to treat yourself too.) The energy will resonate with your aura but be sure to clean them regularly.(cleaning guidelines below). Crystal chip bracelets are an inexpensive choice and can be worn with the requirements for the day in mind!

Lay with them on your body, there are times when I feel completely out of balance and all I need is to place crystals that are linked to the chakras on my chakra points, even 10 minutes will do and I feel so much better afterwards. I tend to do it when I'm feeling annoyed with someone or something, or needing some clarity in how to deal with a situation, but they can be used for anything you need help with.

Use them during your self care, spending time on your own self-care is so important, self-care isn't selfish, doesn't take too long and you are worthy. So whether you hold one in your hand during meditation, whilst out walking, place them in or around your bath or maybe even treat yourself to a crystal facial roller, using crystals may possibly make your day just that little bit better.

Use them in your home, a few years ago, living with a very busy husband and two teenagers the living room could be a melting pot of tension, so a piece of Amethyst was placed on the fireplace, the room soon became a more harmonious place to spend an evening. Visitors to my home often comment on what a calm home it is....its the crystals! And me (of course) :)

A Rose Quartz or Amethyst in your bedroom is always a good choice too. Rose Quartz, for love, trust, harmony and peace and Amethyst to relieve the stresses and strains of the day whilst it calms the mind and body.

As many of us are now working from home and spending time in front of computer screens for longer periods without a break, or fresh air, using a crystal to protect us from electromagnetic radiation would be beneficial, Shungite, has healing properties offering protection as geopathic stress is neutralized.

How do you know what to choose?

When choosing a crystal, don’t spend too much time thinking which one you should choose, let your intuition be your guide, you will be attracted to the ones you need! However, as crystals are so pretty and tactile, picking one or two up and holding them in your hand you may find you are drawn to the one more than the other energetically. Quite often when a clients asks to purchase a crystal I offer my advice in letting their intuition be their guide and when I say what the chosen crystal is and what it benefits they’re amazed as that's the need they have.

Clever, not magic, just clever!

Now you've chosen your crystals you need to cleanse them, there are many ways in which to cleanse your crystals, I’ll share the methods I use the most;

Under fresh, natural running water is best but they can be placed under the tap

· Placed on a windowsill or outside when there’s a full moon

· Buried in the garden or in a pot of soil (easier to find them)

· Placed on a large Quartz cluster

· Placed in natural light, caution must be applied you don’t want a fire!

· Sound, I use tingsha bells, gently tapping the cymbals together and let the vibration of sound do the work.

All crystals have their own properties and support you in a variety of ways so it’s essential to set your intention and give the crystal a specific purpose. You can do this by holding the crystal in your dominant hand, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and concentrate on your crystal and the intention you have in mind, whatever that may be.

When I bring new crystals into my therapy room I sit and set intentions with them, each crystal has its own area to work with, for example Malachite (as mentioned) is a great crystal to use when working with pain, if a client visits with sciatica, a frozen shoulder or bad back I’ll place the malachite around the area and share the benefits I was introduced to.

Which crystals would I recommend?

Initially I'd say choose tumble stones, these are a cheaper option at the start of your crystal journey. As there are literally 100's to choose from, my advice is to do a little research first, what do you need them for? (but remember your intuition as mentioned earlier). I've chosen these with the Chakra's in mind too.

Crown - Clear Quartz - Known as a master healer, it aids concentration and clarity, boosts the immune system. Absorbs negative energy

3rd Eye -Amethyst - As already mentioned it alleviates stress and tension, helps to balance the mood, a calming crystal. If you've an addictive nature this is perfect for you!

Throat - Blue Lace Agate - A crystal to support, helping with communication (with others & ourselves) a crystal for harmony. Aids physical throat problems too

Heart - Rose Quartz - Universal love and unconditional love, don't we all need a little love? Whether its finding the one true love in our life or allowing ourselves some self-love. A crystal for comfort and all things heart orientated including the circulation.

Solar Plexus - Citrine - A crystal to motivate, bringing comfort, energy, success & prosperity, need a boost? This is the crystal for you. If you suffer with digestive problems you may find Citrine beneficial.

Sacral Plexus - Carnelian - Perfect for anything creative and for our emotional balance too, ridding the mind of mental lethargy, giving courage in the choices we make.

Root - Red Jasper - A crystal for grounding, ideal if you spend most of your time in your head, come back down into your body and truly nurture yourself. A stone of protection.

Within R&R Therapy one of the therapies I offer is Crystal Healing, a gentle, non-intrusive therapy in which crystals are placed on (Chakra points/energy centres*) or around the body, they begin to balance the body, physically, mentally and emotionally as they absorb negative energies, perfect for refocusing and rebalancing. Leaving you feeling peaceful and calm.

Chakra Points / Energy Centres are areas of the body relating to the energy systems within the body, the terms originated from India. It’s said when your chakras are aligned and open you are in good physical and emotional health.

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