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On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you feeling?

It's so much easier to give your well-being a number, especially if you find it difficult to talk about it. All too often if we're asked how we are, we'll answer with fine, not so bad, good thanks, even if we're not. So, on a scale of 1 to 10 how are you? One being very low and 10 being fantastic, what's your number? It's time, to be honest with yourself. I'm currently an 8 and feeling ok (honestly) this is something I regularly do when I feel a little out of sync to establish what's going on and how I can improve my feelings.

Mindful Reflexology is the latest addition to my range of therapies and one I'm really happy to have added. After the first two lockdowns, I had numerous new inquiries from people needing help with their wellbeing. Not unusual at all, However, this time it was more for emotional support with mental health issues that were required! I haven’t been in the slightest bit surprised, our world has been tipped upside down and shaken vigorously just like a snow globe! It’s been impossible to ‘bounce back’ as our normal isn’t the same as it was a year ago.

I already had the compassion, empathy & skills to be able to help but wanted to be able to do more. We spend so much time living in our heads, our minds busy with thoughts swirling around almost 24/7, the levels of stress hormones increasing so our bodies begin to function in a state of heightened anxiety, stress and even depression.

Mental Health Organisations have stated, ’people living with mental health problems is growing significantly, with 1 in 4 adults predicted to suffer from their mental health in the next 12 months, that’s simply too high, yet totally understandable!

Mindful Reflexology comprises of a range of new techniques to help calm the body and mind, soothing the endocrine system which calms the flow of adrenaline and cortisol, helping the body to rebalance itself, it helps with the release of tension, aids sleep and generally improves feelings of wellbeing. I’d love to be able to say one session will solve all problems BUT, it’s not always that simple, what I can say is, it’s possible to help start changing how you feel!

If you take antidepressants you can still have reflexology and I’d advise you to continue to take them for the foreseeable future. Once you’ve had a few treatments you may feel differently, always discuss these matters with your GP first because it is a medication you cannot just stop taking, you need to slowly cease taking them if it's not done this way there is a very high chance of a relapse. I took antidepressants myself many years ago and I do believe they do have their place, at that time it was essential for me to re-establish the chemical balance I needed.

Statistically, it’s mostly women who struggle with their mental health, we juggle many things all at once and eventually, something has to give. It’s so very sad when it's our health. I’ve been there, I’ve worn the t-shirt and will do my very best not to go there again, so I feel very strongly when I hear of others suffering. Our self-care must be a priority.

If I were to ask you, who or what are your top 3 priorities? Would you say, you were a priority? Probably not, yet it’s not at all selfish. In fact, I strongly feel you should be NUMBER 1. I urge so many women to make their own self-care the highest priority there is because when we are fit and well, we achieve so much more and everyone around us benefits. Why wait until everything crumbles around you? When you’re unable to function as a wife/partner, mother, employer, or employee it takes such a long time to recover, in my case two years! Life is far too short, don’t waste 2 years of your life!

This last year has been the most tumultuous we’ll probably ever experience with Covid impacting every aspect of our lives!! So, I believe that statistics of 1 in 4 are most likely to be much higher and as we come out of yet another lockdown the feelings of anxiety will increase again too. There have been so many emotions to contend with, so my message is to be kind to yourself and to others too, everyone’s experience has been unique to them.

If you feel that Mindful Reflexology may be beneficial to you please do get in touch for a chat, don’t fear visiting and talking about your health concerns, you will be in a very safe non-judgemental space with me at R&R Therapy.

You can find me at IMSL House, Benton Park Road, South Gosforth, NE7 7LX.

To book an appointment call 07546527004

or visit my website

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