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It's Time to Talk Day

Talking now is more important than ever before! How often do you actually pick up your phone and call someone? It’s so much easier to touch base via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or text but physically making a call can make such a difference.

To hear someone's voice is so important. You can listen to their tone, hear what they’ve got to say, if you feel concerned you can ask open ended questions to get a clearer picture, we can't make assumptions about what is going on in someone's mind. You may find you have a good laugh, reminisce and thoroughly enjoy a good natter.

The current statistics are quite scary as far as our mental health is concerned, stating1 in 4 people will suffer with their mental health this year, that’s too high, far too high. But living with these current Covid rules and regulations it's no surprise!

Generally we’re very good at putting our ‘game face’ on and saying, ‘I'm ok’ (I’ve done it so many times myself) when really we’re not. So, let’s talk, let’s listen, we can all make time for each other. Create some time and pick up your phone.

If they're struggling, listen carefully to what they're saying, offer to help in anyway you can, maybe offer to help seek professional support. (links below).

Talk about what your doing to care for yourself, share your self-care ideas, ask what they're doing for their self-care.

Share your own experiences without making it all about you, clients of mine have often felt reassured when I've shared some of my experience. Mental Health used to be such a taboo subject and thankfully that is changing but there is still a long way to go.

Sharing creates a space where people feel comfortable, allowing them to talk and knowing they're not alone can really help!

The theme for #TimeToTalkDay is #ThePowerofSmall. So, whether you’ve 15 minutes, 30 or even an hour, make that call. Check in, have a chat with someone you care about, ask them how they’re doing and if they say ‘I’m okay’ it’s perfectly fine to ask them again!

I’ve had a few conversations so far this lockdown with clients and even a young lady I’ve not met before. She was able to offload, (it’s easier with a stranger sometimes) and I was able to offer her some hints and tips to help her move forward, as we ended the call she was feeling so much better and when I followed up she was using my ideas as part of her daily self-care routine and a week later she was still doing well!

A little about me:

I'm Rachel Hunter, a holistic therapy practitioner, based in south Gosforth, offering a range of therapies to help clients with their health & wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, please, please know that you can give me a call, if you prefer to text or email first and tell me a little of what the problem is, that's fine! We can schedule a call later. I'll do what I can to help and may signpost you elsewhere if it's an area out of my expertise.

Telephone: 07546527004

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