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Grief will affect us all at some point in our lives, sometimes much sooner than we ever should, sometimes in a way we never should. It is the most painful sorrow when we suffer from a loss.

As a reflexologist and reiki practitioner, I have worked with clients who have lost someone in their life, a dearly loved one, loved with all their heart. A mother, father, child, sister, brother, and pets too. A part of their life that has been taken from them. I also work with clients who suffer grief from other aspects of life too.

The recent Covid pandemic has been a time of great sadness and upheaval and this blog with the utmost respect is not going to be about the loved ones that have been lost, I feel it’s essential to speak about the impact on life as we knew it, the fallout from the last 19 months has been immense, I’m seeing more and more to quantify that comment, stress has increased, anxiety is a real problem and resilience for coping is there, but not in the way it had been.

I truly hoped that Covid would leave a kinder, more empathic world but it doesn’t seem to be the case, just driving on the roads is clear evidence of that! So, I’m writing this blog to raise awareness for the grief that is being felt, to offer a few tips on how to help yourself when you feel overwhelmed, and to let you know I am a listener and genuinely care if you choose to visit me for some time for yourself.

People’s attitudes towards Covid are changing as time passes, some believe the conspiracy theories, some are against the vaccination, others think masks do or don’t work, there are so many opinions, kindness here, is key, even if its self-kindness.

Many have felt loss within their community too! It might have been the workplace or social gathering, clubs, groups, get-togethers. Loneliness is a factor even now as we surface, so if you’ve not seen or heard from someone in a while why not send them a text? Or better still give them a ring.

It’s certainly has been a time for re-evaluating what we have and do in life, are we living our best life? It’s been a reminder that life is short, so, what would you truly love to do?

Try not to have regrets, life is an experience, we learn every day, conserve energy and make some changes, even if it’s decluttering a drawer, it’s a step in the right direction, start small, really small if you must, but remind yourself YOU CAN DO THIS! Because you really, really can.

Family affairs have been seriously disrupted, from weddings and funerals to the Christmas Dinner, missed opportunities, missed memories, and disjointed gatherings purely down to how many people could get together, this is probably one of the most significant memories I will carry forward and will feel sadness for a long, long time to come, but with time comes healing and I will be kind to myself in the meantime.

Grief too, for letting go of who you were! if you have lost your job or business, the life you led may have changed forever, there needs to be time to grieve, allow for that time, then create energy, time, and space for what you would like your life to become, again start small, from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.

Please, please remember we have all journeyed this pandemic in a way that is unique to us as individuals, we have shared the experience, restrictions, listened to the same updates, data, and rules but how we lived it as a person is very different to the next person.

You'll find my hand reflexology tips below, you may find them useful when you feel overwhelmed, sad, stressed, or anxious.

Find space to get cosy, the sofa with a blanket, or even climb into bed.

Use a medium such as body moisturiser or hand cream, gently massage the cream into your hands softly and slowly

The solar plexus reflex point is a superb identifier of stress, working this area creates a feeling of improved wellbeing and impacts the body with a sense of relaxation. Gently apply pressure on the marker and as you press breathe in through your nose, as you release the pressure, breathe out through your mouth slowly. Repeat until you begin to feel calmer and more relaxed.

The Pituitary Gland is a part of the body’s endocrine system, sometimes referred to as the ‘conductor of the orchestra’ it keeps the hormone levels balanced and regulates the role of most of the other (endocrine) glands. It’s also a good point for relieving pain, work this area by applying & releasing pressure as above.

The adrenal point may feel a little tender if your anxiety and/or stress is high, apply gentle pressure until the tenderness eases.

The spine is one of my go-to areas in every single reflexology treatment I do, We carry a lot of tension in our spine, this may feel tender in some areas so spend a little time gently pressing and applying pressure where its needed, once you've worked up the spine reflex you can also work down, take your time, relax and unwind.

I hope you find these techniques useful

Rachel x

If you are struggling with pain, anxiety, stress, or grief and would like a chat please do get in touch.

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