What does 2022 hold for R&R Therapy?

Updated: Mar 16

This was going to be a Facebook post but once I started writing the flow changed and I completely changed direction in the message I wanted to share.

I wanted to tell you about my plans for 2022, in which I plan to work with smaller groups of women, you may already know I work with women on a one to one basis within my holistic therapy practice offering my therapies but over the last 7 years, it’s become apparent that we (as women) don’t prioritise ourselves enough. We are way down the list of importance, even putting the dog ahead of our needs, yes, honestly in some cases that’s the truth!

It may be because we don’t feel worthy enough, it feels selfish, we don’t have the confidence or even the belief in ourselves! This is too sad, but something I completely and utterly get.

So I decided to spend a whole day getting my ideas down on paper, instead of doing it at home or in my therapy room I booked two nights away in an Airbnb, miles from home, ordered HelloFresh for the family.

Packed a bag, that was the easy bit jumper and joggers, pj’s, and underwear, I didn't need anything else. I even bought food to eat so there were absolutely no distractions. Time is always precious.

Now, I could say the journey was seamless and the accommodation was easy to find, that I’d cooked my tea and spent the first night relaxing...how professional, that sounds as though I'm SO in control, cool, calm and collected!! Er, No. This is me, I’m real, just like you.

I actually spent the morning worrying about the journey, would I get lost? Probably, as my sense of direction is lousy and my SATNAV takes a break quite often during a journey, regardless of where I'm going.

Would I break down? Would I have a blowout? Most likely not, as my car is fairly new, but there is always the slightest chance, isn’t there? I can be a worrier and I do overthink all the worst-case scenarios, BUT I can quieten my mind, be rational, and do these things, whereas 7-8 years ago it would have filled me with complete dread and it wouldn't have happened at all, in fact only 5 years ago my husband drove me to a training event in Consett because it felt so alien, blimey I've made real progress!

Anyway just after two hours of driving I arrived, safely. I found the accommodation relatively easily, I only needed to send one text, whoop whoop. I found the key and let myself in. What a sweet little place it was too. I rang home to say I’d arrived and made myself a cuppa whilst I unpacked my books, magazines, laptop, etc, etc.

I had a whole bed to myself so didn't take too long to get in and nod off, waking super early at 3.20 - it's my age you know :/ as I was alone and not fearful of waking Mr. H. I made a drink and wrote all of my thoughts down. Eventually putting on a meditation I drifted back off till 7.45....when my working day began.

Time really was precious, I’m happy with what I’d achieved (work-wise) but more importantly, I’m delighted at what I’ve done for myself. I’ve stretched myself and I mean s..t..r..e..t..c..h..e..d.. myself, well and truly. It's so much easier to choose the familiar route, not push ourselves out of our comfort zone, stick to routines, by making the decision to travel, stay somewhere unfamiliar and be alone, I've grown even more! Further boosted my confidence and belief in myself, I'm capable of doing things by myself, for myself.

The moral to this tale is we can all push ourselves, move the boundaries, overcome the hurdles, you may feel uncomfortable, a little nervous, you may be ready for the next chapter and not sure where to start. But not to worry, I can help.

In early January 2022, I'm going to be running wellbeing workshops, helping women to grow, to feel more comfortable and connected to themselves with confidence, in a supportive, safe environment

Workshops will include meditation, mindfulness, hand massage, hand reflexology, vision boards, aromatherapy blending, and much, much more.

Fancy joining me? Please sign up for my newsletter by following the link below and I'll soon be sharing more news with you.


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