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Ssssh, create a little piece of quiet time and reap the rewards

I thought I'd share a blog with you about creating some quiet time.

More and more clients have spoken about how much pressure they are under within the workplace, it's such a sad state of affairs that stress and anxiety are even higher than prior to Covid. Nothing has really changed, where I'd really hoped we'd live in a nicer place after such a tumultuous time.

So many people have tried to improve the work/life balance but it seems the World is facing a whole heap of new troubles that are impacting our day to day life, the cost of living is skyrocketing, and staff shortages in the workplace are resulting in people being stretched much further than ever before, so for different reasons, there are difficult days ahead once more but it's important to remember it won't last forever!

Don't despair, this blog is not all doom and gloom, it's here to help you find some quiet time at home, there's a recipe for a hand & foot massage oil to help ease the stress and tension, and some tips for your self-care also. So please read on.

Discover your green fingers

If you're fortunate to have a garden, spend more time out there. On Tuesday morning I got up early to enjoy sitting outside with my breakfast, then my green fingers began to itch, as I had a slightly later start today I found my trowel and busied myself for 20 minutes, it was bliss and a lovely way to start the day, even making a few moments to take some photo's, with a little busy bee gracious enough to wait until I'd captured him/her working away. A truly mindful moment!

You don't need much of a space to make it a haven, potting up some containers is a great way to be mindful for a few minutes and you'll probably find half an hour passes before you realize it. It helps to relieve stress, it keeps you mobile, and just think if you sow some edible plants you can be enjoying the rewards in just a few weeks.

Clear unwanted energy within your home

Create a bit of yin in your home, take time to declutter, help your home energy to rebalance, move furniture around and chase away any negative energy, if you're a hoarder start decluttering in a small, achievable way. Are surfaces cluttered? Just clear one surface, stand back and notice how much better it looks and how much better you feel. It doesn't have to be taxing or overwhelming.

Throw open your windows and let fresh air flood in.

Buy a small bunch of flowers to brighten up your living space.

Turn off the television 30 minutes before bedtime, and let the yang energy dissipate helping you to settle and calm down quicker, leaving you feeling relaxed before bedtime.

Be aware of your emotions

Ask yourself how you're feeling, if it's good, that's great!

If it's not so good, why, what's happening?

If there is something you can do about it, what is it? Rather than feeling stuck having a plan (no matter how big or small) means you are taking ownership, you're in control, which can help enormously. So whether its time off work, getting the children cared for whilst you spend some time with your partner, or maybe you need to spend time with your parents without the kids, it may be money that's a worry, be proactive and feel proud of yourself for tackling the situation.

I'm going to say it again...

Step away from Social Media - I've mentioned this soooo many times in newsletters, my social media, and other blogs too, I do it regularly, and the world keeps turning. So, turn off notifications, mute the sounds and become more self-aware of how social media affects your mood, AND don't compare yourself to anyone else...we are all beautifully unique.

Silence your busy mind, stop, or simply slow down, engage with your breath, and focus on that alone for 1 or 2 minutes.

Do you comfort eat? Often we feel a lift in our mood when we've eaten something that's a sugary treat, usually the sweeter the better, there's a rise in our dopamine levels (the feel-good hormone) but it doesn't take long for the 'feel good' to become a 'feel bad' leaving us feeling pretty yuk and wishing we hadn't, It's impossible to avoid this trait all of the time but make a conscious choice, have a treat but opt for something much smaller and healthier, feel proud of your decision.

Can't afford your holistic therapy this month?

Don't worry, there'll be another time and I'm not going anywhere, instead here's a recipe for a massage oil to alleviate stress and tension.

A drop of Bergamot Essential Oil,

A drop of Lavender

A drop of Frankincense blend with 15 mls of carrier oil

Once you've blended the oils, light a candle, wear comfortable clothes, get cosy, sit quietly and enjoy some time alone as you massage your feet and hands (or better still do a swap with a friend or family member, be sure to offer the massage first, then you can sit back and relax afterward.

Foot Massage

Holding the foot firmly with the opposite hand, firmly and slowly slide your other hand from the toes towards the ankle, repeat 3 or 4 times.

Massage the arches of the foot with a clockwise and counterclockwise motion for approximately 30 seconds.

Then firmly rub the heel of the foot in a circular motion, you may need a little more oil if the skin is particularly dry.

Next with the knuckles of your hand roll them up and down the medial aspect (inside) of your foot from the tip of the big toe down to the heel, (in reflexology this represents the spine reflex, so can be super soothing).

Finally slide your fingers up and down the sides o the toes, do this 2 or 3 times, then gently with a pulling motion pull up from the base to the top of each of the toes. If the recipient carries tension, stress, and/or has headaches pay attention to the base of the big toe (neck reflex) and the whole of the toe (back & front) as this represents the head reflex.

Now repeat with the other foot.

Hand Massage

Once you've applied the massage oil to your hands (of those of a.n.other) use smoothing stokes and glide your hand up the top of the other hand from the fingers towards the wrists, repeat this 3 or 4 times. Then focus your attention on the fingers, encircling each finger individually gently stretch from the base of the finger to the tip, ensure you do all 5 digits.

Now turn the hand over and repeat with smoothing strokes from the fingers towards the wrist.

Now hold the hand so the palm is facing down and begin to squeeze the thumb, squeeze from the bottom to the top, and then the sides, and finish by gently nipping the fingernail before moving onto the index finger, repeat until you've done all fingers.

Next hold the hand between your hands, with both thumbs in the centre of the hand, and gently stretch across as though you were breaking a piece of bread apart, repeat a couple of times.

Then turn the hand over and hold with both hands, gently massaging your thumbs in circular motions around the palm, ensuring you cover all aspects of the palm. Finish off gently with sweeping motion strokes from the wrist down to the fingers a couple of times. Now repeat with the other hand.

When you can revisit I look forward to seeing you again or maybe you'd be visiting R&R Therapy, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne for the very first time I look forward to meeting you and helping you to feel relaxed, restored, and rebalanced, physically, mentally, and emotionally

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