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Have you considered Reflexology when trying to conceive

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When I’m talking about Reflexology for Conception I will regularly be heard saying ‘Infertility causes stress and stress causes infertility,’ and it makes perfect sense because if the body is living with stress how is it possible to create the right environment for conception?

But and it’s a BIG BUT, how can you cope with all that is going on when you’re desperately trying to become parents, it’s a truly vicious circle!

When a client visits me for the first time with a view to getting help in conceiving there are several factors to consider so I do have quite a long list of questions about lifestyle, diet, exercise, I also need to understand the menstrual cycle, how long it is, at which point is ovulation occurring as well as other pieces of information, It’s not because I’m nosey it's so that I can offer the very best treatment!

Throughout the month the levels of hormones are ever changing and cycles can vary, even quite dramatically and this is where reflexology may make a positive impact.

Case Study

I recently had a client return for reflexology, I’d not seen her for a couple of years, during which time she’d got married, gained her degree and life became busy.

She'd been using a contraceptive implant and earlier this year decided it was time for the implant to be removed. As the couple are now beginning to think about starting a family in the near future she wants to focus on preparing her body for pregnancy.

What she had noticed since the implant had been removed was that her cycle was quite erratic, and ovulation was taking far longer than she’d previously been used to, she also felt she was struggling with fluid retention, quite often feeling bloated and uncomfortable, also feeling hot during the night!

We discussed her lifestyle, the highs and the lows of her cycle and the possible changes she was hoping to achieve from her session. I began the reflexology treatment, focusing predominantly on the Endocrine System.

The Endocrine System is made up of glands and tissues around the body that produce hormones, It's responsible for the movement & balance of those hormones, which aid the metabolism, are responsible for sleep and growth, helps the body cope when dealing with stress and more, as well as playing a major role in reproduction. In this blog I’m focusing on working with the associated points within the feet to improve & benefit the Menstrual Cycle.

During any Reflexology session the end goal is to help establish a sense of homeostasis. Which in a nutshell means 'to be balanced with a sense of wellbeing'.

When all systems are functioning at a premium your body is at it's best.

Going back to my Case Study, my client returned for her second appointment with a big smile on her face, she couldn't wait to tell me that instead of ovulation taking place between the 17-19th day of her cycle it had taken place on the 12th day, which was spot on for her 23-24 day menstrual cycle. She was delighted! She was feeling far more balanced emotionally and physically she felt lighter, less bloated & wasn't hot during the night either.

I asked her what elements of her life had she changed since I saw her last.

"Nothing, the only change was having Reflexology."

If you struggle with periods, whether you want to conceive or not, why not give Reflexology a try.

I'm based in IMSL House, Benton Park Road, South Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE7 7LX

If you're local to me you can email me at or call 07546527004

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