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You're Mental!!

So, if your reading this, what made you take a glance? Was it the headline? I can quite possibly imagine it was!

It's not the PC thing to say at all, ever!! And yet, years ago in the not so 'PC age' it was quite common, whether as a joke or not. Since then we've made real progress but still have a long way to go. In 2001 the Mental Health Foundation created #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and has done some amazing work during that time, it was created to help educate people and promote improvements to mental health wellbeing.

So, this week (13th - 19th May) it's Mental Health Awareness Week and I bet you know of someone who suffers with their mental health, in whatever shape or form that may be! It may even be you that is suffering. This years theme for #MHW is Body Image! No one is exempt from how we see our own body image, it's predominantly thought to be a female issue but in fact it affects many males too. It doesn't mean you have to have an eating disorder, it is aiming to target anyone who has an issue with their body image and quite frankly, I think most of us do! But it's how we deal with it that truly matters.

Social Media has added to this, images of beautiful bodies, toned, muscular, shapely, tanned, perfect hair & makeup setting the ethos that we all need to look body beautiful! (Really??)

The pressure that we are all under to look gorgeous is unfathomable, creating huge issues for many. What we have to remember is we all come in different shapes and sizes, always have and always will and we need to embrace that!

To be healthy should be the ultimate goal, to achieve all we can to live, long healthy lives should be the target.

* Last year we found that 30% of all adults have felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. That’s almost 1 in every 3 people. SHOCKING!


1) Think about all that your body can do

2) Make a list of the aspects of your body that you like

3) Do something nice for yourself

4) Turn off Social Media (if it's impacting negatively)

5) Stop the negative talk, replace it with a positive affirmation such as -

I am worthy,

My body deserves love and respect,

I accept my body the way it is

As a holistic therapist based in South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne I work with clients suffering with a variety of Mental Health issues from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, loneliness, low self worth, stress to name a few and am always happy to chat with clients prior to making an appointment to offer reassurance and answer any questions.

My therapy room is peaceful, cosy and a safe space to spend some time, if you'd like to get in touch please visit my website, send an email to or call 07546527004.

I'm also taking this as an opportunity to give a HUGE shout out to a brilliant, young woman who has/is battling with an ED, I've known her for quite a number of years now and have seen her flying and sinking too, I've never had an ED but have suffered with my Mental Health and watching Hayley manage her life has been quite life changing for me, she would have a really bad day and the next get up and face the new day with complete and utter positivity...I have taken a leaf out of her book, for sure! They say people come into your life for a reason and we've helped each other along the way in many ways...we've had some brilliant laughs too!! She is a woman to watch, she's achieving great things, reaching out to support others whilst fighting her own battles!

So young lady from me to you I'm sending love and best wishes...what you are doing is AMAZING!!


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