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Unique Women


We are all totally unique, sure there are similarities from one woman to another, but you and I are completely different and yet most of us will have the same things to deal with, for eg, puberty, periods, some of us will have children, some not, yet we will all at some point in our lives go through the Menopause, whether that be natural or medically induced.

During these phases in our lives we will have to deal with 'our hormones!' All very natural (most of the time) and yet can be seen as a 'problem' rather than being a stage of our existence. Recognizing "our hormones" and how they impact our lives can help us to lead enriched and healthy lives but we are more likely to feel restricted and challenged, leading to emotional and physical disharmony, sometimes our hormonal wellbeing even necessitates the need for medication and/or medical attention for example using the Pill to ease heavy periods, intervention during pregnancy and possibly birth, then there is also the recommendation for HRT.

Following recent additional Reflexology training for Women's Health, fellow students and I experienced some new approaches to the techniques we use, some of it was not very comfortable - when studying we work with each other learning in a kinesthetic way as well as theoretically - but the feelings we all encountered were quite incredible.

There were 18 students learning together and we ALL responded, some similarly to an other, the rest were completely UNIQUE! The feelings ranged from sensations of heat, warmth, energy moving, an energy release, feeling light, feeling calmer, feeling relaxed and sleepy or more energised, there were even tears, but good tears!

As a reflexologist it's always very interesting to see and hear different thoughts and opinions regarding the benefits of this wonderful therapy, it just saddens me that there isn't the financial investment into this and many other Holistic therapies, anecdotally we have evidence that reflexology has improved elements of health and wellbeing but because there isn't the scientific evidence to support it, our hands are tied and we can't share...Shame but they are the rules and I'll abide by them.

What I will say to you as the reader is. When you're in the driving seat how empowered do you feel? Making decisions that suit you can make you feel so much better, wouldn't you agree?

So embrace your uniqueness and find out as much information as you can before making a choice about something you may not feel entirely comfortable with!

Disclaimer...As a Reflexologist I never claim to cure and will not diagnose.

Reflexology does not replace the need for medical advice.

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