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Will you or won't you?

So I started this month with the intention of switching off from Social Media during September as I'd seen an article on the BBC which prompted me with the headlines “Scroll Free September: Social media users urged to log off.”

Great, I thought! But then actually, not so great! Why?

Well, because I’m a business owner at R&R Therapy, based in Newcastle upon Tyne and much of my marketing is done via Facebook & Instagram. Clients contact me to arrange appointments for their reflexology, reiki or other chosen holistic therapy. Its a way of keeping in touch with them and in the loop with everything else. And then there is the additional pressure of the Facebook response rate…I am currently 90% with a 43-minute response time. Yikes not good!! Or is it? Does it really matter?

My clients know I’m busy and I will always contact anyone whose been in touch will me, maybe not within 5 minutes but I do as soon as I physically can. So I pondered on it for a day or two then decided to go for it, I shared the BBC link to my business page saying I would be signing off from 7 pm on an evening for the whole of September! The phone, iPad and laptop all turned off and put away, anything that would be posted after 7 pm would be scheduled.

I'm now almost 3 weeks in and has my business suffered? No, in fact I’ve had new 5 new clients book in the last 10 days. (to be totally honest, two were referrals but nonetheless it hasn't had a negative impact.

Have I missed out on much by not reading ‘stuff’ on Social Media? Not that I can think of! If I have it can’t be too serious, or someone would have told me.

I’ve danced around my kitchen listening to some of my favourite tunes, feeling relaxed and happy. Something I've not done for a very long time, too long in fact.

I’ve painted my porch, I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but never had the time!!!

Have I conversed more? Hmm depends on whether my husband was on his iPad (see what I mean?) or watching the telly, (he does have selective hearing, so it would strongly depend on the subject). 😊 😉 He wouldn't disagree here!

Have I slept well, bloody hell…yes!!! I've closed my eyes earlier and if I've needed the loo during the night as I've climbed back into bed I've closed my eyes again, instead of scrolling through the web looking for things I really don't need.

So If you think you spend too much time with your phone clasped in one hand scrolling with the other or your laptop is taking your attention and keeping your lap warm, try turning them off, putting them away and see if you have more time to yourself, to sleep better and feel happier, go on, give it a go! It's so easy!!

Here are a few tips to help.

Tell everyone this is what you are doing, no-one will be offended if you don't get back to them immediately.

I decided on 7 pm because it was manageable, I could either check texts, missed calls, comments on my accounts before I left for home or once I arrived home.

Once it was off, it was off! you may find the first couple of days difficult but it doesn't take long for the new habits to form.

Good Luck and let me know if it impacts on you in a positive way too. Or not as the case may be!

P.S. My neck and shoulder tension has completely gone, no headaches either. How is your neck? Do you carry tension in your shoulders? Have headaches, too much time on our gadgets may well be the cause.

If you'd like to book with me at R&R Therapy, please contact me on 07546527004 or email

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