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Why choose Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-intrusive holistic health therapy, known to promote wellbeing by improving circulation and balancing the body physically, emotionally and mentally.

So what are the benefits..

Here are 10 Reasons to try Reflexology

  1. Promote Relaxation by reducing stress. Stress can have a negative impact on our wellbeing, eventually leading to illness. Did you know that 75% of illness stems from stress? By stimulating the Pituitary, Thyroid, Diaphragm, Spine, Kidneys, Adrenals and Solar Plexus reflexes it can help calm the mind and body, leaving the client feeling balanced and very relaxed.

  2. Reduce Pain - During a reflexology treatment Endorphins (the body's own pain relief) are released which can ease those painful areas naturally helping a client to feel much more comfortable, carry less tension, helping the muscles to feel relaxed.

  3. Insomnia - Sleep is critical for our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, but for many its a real issue. During a reflexology session one of the many reflexes I focus on is the Pituitary, which is responsible for the production of melatonin, (hormone for sleep). Many clients struggle to stay awake during their treatment and often call or text to say how well they slept during the night too. Such a compliment for me!

  4. Fabulous as a Post Operative treat. The circulation is given a real boost, with more oxygen being supplied to the blood vessels, it helps to support the cell functions which is really useful following surgery as it eases pain, eases anxiety, improves sleep and toilet motions, it can mean an earlier discharge & faster recovery. (Always mention any recent surgery when making an appointment). TOP TIP Eat fresh pineapple its a natural anti-inflammatory and helps reduce bruising and pain.

  5. Infertility and conception - This isn't guaranteed but reflexologists across the length and breadth of the Country have worked wonders in helping some couples to become parents. Creating a sense of balance emotionally is just as important as the physical aspect, so stimulating both the hormonal and the reproductive reflexes in both male and female is hugely beneficial. As well as helping to break the cycle of infertility causes stress and stress causes infertility - the emotional roller-coaster many couples find themselves on. Reflexology gives couples space to be safe and know that sometimes 'it's OK not to be OK!'

  6. Pregnancy - Women are often advised not to have reflexology during the first trimester, there is actually no physical evidence to suggest that reflex leads to miscarriage but I personally like to wait until 12 weeks, this gives time for the body to adjust to being pregnant! After 12 weeks, YES!! The benefits are endless, it can ease morning sickness, aches and pains, balance the hormones, which quite frankly the hormones can be erratic swinging from euphoria to complete panic, constipation, heart burn, assist with sleep, why wouldn't you book a session? It has also been proven to reduce the length of labour*6 and promote a speedy recovery with less chance of Post Natal Depression (PND) occurring.

  7. Baby Reflexology - Not just for adults, our little people can benefit too! Helping with baby related issues, such as teething, colic, reflux, constipation, pain. Babies have much shorter sessions to avoid over-stimulating them. I offer 1-to-1 appointments or classes for up to 8 babies. A gorgeous time for bonding too.

  8. Menopause - As the hormones begins to decrease, women find their body's begin to alter, they may have a variety of symptoms to deal with and Reflexology can help to manage these by balancing the endocrine system. For e.g. the thyroid gland is responsible for the production of calcitonin - necessary for healthy bones, in addition add some pressure to the pituitary gland reflex too as this can ease hot flushes.

  9. Cancer - For patients dealing with cancer, reflexology has been proven to have significant benefits, reducing nausea and vomiting, easing pain and anxiety, improving the mood and levels of energy with a better quality of sleep. A bonus feeling as though the quality if life has improved. How amazing is that?!

  10. Precious 'Me Time' with no interruptions, in a cosy environment with gentle music (if you like it), soft lighting, cosy blankets and peace!!

Happy Feet, Happy Reflexologist

To book with me in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne please call 07546527004

or visit or

If you're not in the North East, visit

Disclaimer: As a reflexologist I never claim to diagnose or cure medical conditions. Reflexology is a fabulous Holistic therapy, complementing traditional medical care. There may on occasions be a contraindication which would prevent a treatment from taking place, so always mention to the reflexologist at the time of booking.

*4 &*6 Postoperative care Research: Medical Applications of Reflexology: Findings in Research about Post-operative care, Maternity Care and Cancer


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