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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

This week – 27 June to 1 July – is World Wellbeing Week.

Wellbeing, (noun) the state of being comfortable healthy, or happy

During the past two years, we have all been heavily affected by Covid. Lockdowns, loneliness, fear, and uncertainty have all built up to harm some people’s mental health and wellbeing. Others have caught Covid-19 and/or lost someone they love and care for.

A return to ‘normal life’

It all seems quite surreal now as we return to a more normal life; the masks, two-metre distancing, and working from home have become things of the past as we get on with life once more, as we knew it before.

As I reopened after the last lockdown, I had 90 people waiting for an appointment. Suddenly our well-being and self-care had become a number one priority as we re-evaluated almost everything in life, wouldn't you agree?

Earlier this year I began working with a local company, Co-Navigate (a financial planning service) based in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, offering my holistic wellbeing services to their employees.

Since opening R&R Therapy in 2015 I have worked with several businesses offering wellbeing days. I have absolutely loved the ability to make a difference in the way employees feel whilst at work. But working with Co-Navigate has been completely different – they wanted their employees to visit me, every month!

I was approached by Co-Navigate’s co-owner, Lyndsey Stephenson, to consider a corporate contract with them. The answer was a definite yes – it's great working with companies whose team members’ wellbeing is a priority. What really surprised me was when she said they'd visit me, here in South Gosforth!

So, how is it going?

From my perspective, it is great to be able to offer treatments in the perfect, relaxed setting of my therapy room. I am used to recreating a therapy room within the workplace; providing a reclining chair, blankets, aromatherapy, possibly candles, and always soft music to play during a treatment. My approach works really well.

But my room is already a relaxed setting. I see my clients’ shoulders relax as they walk in, often commenting on how the room feels, smells, and how happy they are to be here!

Lyndsey Stephenson, Andy Mathers, and Jamie Bogle (owners of Co-Navigate) feel it is vital to look after their staff. This wasn't about improving the morale, (although it has) or hoping to decrease staff absenteeism, but to show the employees they care. They wanted to invest in their team, knowing and appreciating how busy life can be. Wellbeing doesn't get enough attention and they wanted to do everything they can to help with work pressures.

I had a chat with Lyndsey and some of the staff (comments were made anonymously) to find out how they had benefited from my treatments. Here’s what they had to say:

Lyndsey, did you find it a struggle to release your employees for their treatments?

As the appointments are forwarded to us in advance it has become the norm. No one questions the time out; we just treat it just like we would any other meeting. It is a valued part of our workday. The feedback is great, and the staff love it (and me!). They seem to know we genuinely care, and this has resulted in them being more productive.

And for team members, how did you feel when holistic therapy was first suggested?

· I was excited at the idea of something new and loved that the company is so invested in our wellbeing.

· I was really happy as it was something I had wanted to do but never got around to.

· I was excited to try it out. I have been for reflexology once before and loved it so was happy to go again.

Have you noticed a change in how you feel about your wellbeing?

· The next day or so I feel so much more relaxed after a treatment.

· Yes, it made me realize how important it is to take some time for yourself.

· Yes, it made me more mindful of my body and pay more attention to what it's trying to tell me.

How would you describe your visits to R&R?

· They are very personal. Rachel always asks about our day and if there is anything causing an issue to gauge how to tailor the treatment. For instance, I damaged my hand and the reflexology helped with pain management.

· A treat, I look forward to going.

· Relaxing - it can be hard to not nod off!

Which therapy do you enjoy the most?

· I really enjoy the facials and head massages; they are slightly different from a beauty treatment as they are more about mindfulness and relaxation.

· I've tried a few but I enjoy the reflexology the most.

Putting this blog together has quite frankly made my heart sing! Our wellbeing is so very important.

I love this quote:

‘If we don’t look after our body, where are you going to live?’

It really makes you think, doesn't it?

Andy Mathers, Jamie Bogle, and Lyndsey Stephenson are certainly helping their team to look after themselves!

So, here's a question for you, as it's World Wellbeing Week, what are you going to do for yourself?

If I can help you with your wellbeing, whether you have a company or are an individual, please get in touch I'm always happy to have a chat about the therapies I offer.

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