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Spreading a little Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day - February 17th, 2021- February 17th 2022

This time last year was a tough time, wasn’t it? For me, it was a real struggle. R&R Therapy was closed for the 3rd time, I had clients that needed my help and I felt so helpless. This got me thinking about what I did every day within my holistic therapy practice and kindness was pretty much at the top of the list, certainly in the top 5 of my aspects of caring for others.

The kindness I offered was part of my day-to-day life, I am a kind person, why would I want to be any other? As I wasn't able to work I began thinking about what I could do to continue with my kindness and thought about doing a project for Random Acts of Kindness Day (17/2/21) but the more I thought about it, the more I talked myself out of it. I didn’t want people to think - as a business owner - it was a marketing ploy.

But then someone offered me a completely Random Act of Kindness on the 14th of February. A store assistant (sadly I didn’t get her name) working in the BP Petrol Station, Hawfinch Dr, Alnwick, was unable to sell me any pain killers because they didn’t have any in stock, but when asked if I had a headache I explained I had extreme tooth pain due to an infection and she gave me her very own from her pocket…I was so, so grateful. Even more so because not long after that we broke down and had to spend hours waiting for the recovery vehicle - so this blog is dedicated to that lady - because of her it encouraged me to ‘crack on' with my project.

I was so grateful and moved by the gesture that I decided I was going to do something and not worry about what anyone thought but I’d keep it fairly low on the radar for the best part of the year.

There has been immense selflessness and kindness throughout the pandemic, and we need to remind ourselves of those acts particularly when the news is so negative at the moment, so here are a few reminders for you, Captain Tom immediately springs to mind, clapping for the NHS, the young nurse who helped the elderly gent who crashed into her even though he had Covid. Donations of laptops & iPads to children who desperately needed them whilst homeschooling, food parcels being delivered to the homes of the elderly who couldn’t get to the shops, the list goes on and it’s been unbelievably heart-warming, but as time moves on will be easily forgotten.

I called my project #100smiles, with the intention of bringing smiles to 100 peoples faces, they may have known me, they may not, they may have been a client, family member, friend, or even a stranger but over the year, I decided I was going to do 100 Random Acts of Kindness. So that was the very basic plan, after all, if I had a formal structure to it, there would be no element of being random, so the intention was set and that was that. I’m now 365 days into the project and the finish line is here, it’s been soooo easy and an absolute joy to do!

My project ends today, Thursday 17th February 2022, so I thought I’d share some of the gestures of kindness I have made,

One of my clients became a grandma twice over but with the covid restrictions hasn’t been able to visit her grandbabies in Australia, I can’t imagine how hard that must be, so when she was finally able to revisit for reflexology there were some flowers to congratulate her.

I donated a gift voucher to Ward 30 at the Freeman Hospital following the great care given to my Mum, we have some super talented medics here in the North East and as a family were so delighted to get her back home.

In July 2020 with the fabulous help and support of clients, we had a collection for The Hygiene Bank (it was National Hygiene Week). As a thank you to my clients I held a lucky dip, with gift vouchers to be won as a thank you for their support. One of my winning clients donated £10 to another charity of her choice (how gorgeous, kindness really does make the world go round).

Everyone loves a bit of colour, don't they? So, flowers have been beautiful gifts to buy that really bring a smile!

In September, I supported the amazing charity Sparkle Foundation, with the founder Laura Currer, she works with women who have been sexually abused, a fabulous organisation she founded after her experience of trauma and sexual violence. I was invited to support her 3rd ‘Sparkly’ birthday, providing guests with a choice of facial reflexology or traditional foot reflexology, to extend the relaxation each guest received a gift bag with some goodies to enjoy at home.

One of my clients who has shown huge courage and determination during IVF received a voucher as a complete surprise and a treat on becoming a mum to twins, I was super delighted to be able to do this!

Over 30 little gifts have been given to a wide variety of people from all walks of life, some I knew, some were complete strangers, I've also sent little gifts to small business buddies (collectively we struggled hugely during the lockdowns).

A client bought a voucher as a gesture of kindness to a café owner recently to say thank you for all of the hard work they put in, I increased the value for her.

Donations were asked for Grace House Appeal they needed Christmas gifts for children, so I enjoyed a little spending spree on their behalf.

I've bought coffees & lunch for friends, I love spending time with special people in my life, chatting, catching up with news and having a good laugh, it's been a pleasure to treat them.

I've let people jump in front of me in a supermarket queue when they've had a couple of items in comparison to my basket full, let traffic out at a junction (those are becoming a rarity - everyone is in so much of a hurry!) I've left reviews for small businesses to compliment great service, again we're so quick to complain.

I smiled at others whilst out walking, how often do you smile at a stranger? How often have you been smiled at? It could make a huge difference to your day or that of someone else?

I've spent time sending texts and making calls to see how friends and family are, it's not always about spending money, it is more important to offer time and a listening ear.

So, today is the last day of the challenge but certainly not the last day of offering kindness because giving kindness is something every one of us can afford to give - no matter how big or how small it'll count and it won't be forgotten!

Today I wasn't alone planning my #RandomActOfKindness I was on the receiving end of kindness when meeting a friend and business buddy I was gifted this gorgeous little heart and she was gifted flowers as a thank you for her wonderful support.

And finally, I was planning on treating my Mum & Dad too, but in the end, they treated me, so the saying 'what comes around goes around' really is very true!!

P.S. Offering acts of kindness is good for your health, it leads to feelings of happiness and positivity which in turn helps you with your wellbeing and self-care too.

Much love


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