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Enjoy the moment

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Today, it's Thursday and the one day of the week that I work on my business rather than in it with my clients.

It's a day where I have a long list of to-dos and generally feel as though the clock is against me, today, however, has been significantly different.

It is also quite possibly the day I write my shortest blog EVER! But I feel it's important to share these little light bulb moments and have really listened to my own words of wisdom (I do have a few :)

Now, I don't know about you but there are times in my life when I am working my way through the day but not actually focusing on the matter at hand,

Today has been very different, on setting off for my morning work with the dogs, we turned the corner and I felt myself rushing them along, then suddenly stopped and asked myself why?! There actually was no immediate pressure, I was in control of the clock today. So, instead of rushing them along, I slowed right down.

I walked at their pace letting them sniff whatever needed sniffing, and I waited. Whilst they were procrastinating about where to leave their deposit, I waited and waited a little more. It was cold but I thoroughly enjoyed it, I stopped and looked at the clear blue sky, I noticed the bright sun, the cold air on my face, the wind gently blowing my hair, the surroundings, voices in the distance... I was aware of physically and mentally being mindful and simply enjoyed the moment.

My day has been just as productive, I've felt calmer and happier, so whether you're walking the kids to school, waiting for the bus, sitting in traffic, doing some get the idea, slow down, focus on what you're doing, notice everything around you and pay attention to the - here and now - just enjoy your moment.

Happy Thursday

Rachel xx


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