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So, who am I?

I'm Rachel Hunter, married with two children and two dogs. I’m a holistic therapist with my own business, R&R Therapy, based in South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you were asked who you were you'd give a similar answer I think?! But there is so much more to us, isn't there? More than our name, marital status, whether we are a parent, and what we do for a living.

So, I’m going to truly share who I am but more importantly how life events actually made me who I am today!

I was a victim of bullying as an 8-year-old child (that impacts massively on how you feel about yourself as an adult). I'd spent my early childhood growing up in Africa and in 1972 we settled back in the UK. So for that, I was different.

Who'd go to Africa in the 60's - early 70's when most of the British population didn't even go to Spain on holiday. Oh, and I was very tanned!! So, I became extremely self-conscious, even using talc to try and pale my skin.

At 25 I was diagnosed as depressed following the birth of my son - mental health awareness has come on enormously - but still with a very long way to go!! I had to see a diagnose the severity of my illness but ssh, we won't talk about that, people will think your MAD!

From that came feelings of failure, embarrassment and FEAR.

Fast forward to 2009, I suffered with depression after a business failure, the terror of knowing where that can take you is all-encompassing but then there was a glimmer of hope. 'I'd beaten it before so I could do it again'. And I did, but the courage to keep going is exhausting. What will your children think? How will they cope? You don't want to frighten them so all the while there's an inner battle going on too.

Then there's the need to search for a new job. The bravado wasn't really there but I had to do it anyway. Have you heard the saying? Fake it till you make it? That was me, and the best bit was I achieved it, I got the job. To this day I feel so very lucky that I did!

I'm a Mental Health Survivor - I came out the other side stronger, the first time I spent years on medication but the second time I found natural healing to help me, they were Reflexology & Reiki (more below about how these helped).

So going back to that child of 8 I was happy, confident and secure and over many years I became so many different things, I've been frightened, anxious, worried, had low self-esteem, I've been vulnerable, suffered with extreme stress but always put one foot in front of the other, got up put my face on (and I don't mean make-up) and coped. As my Grandma used to say, 'Get up, get dressed and get out,' so I've always done just that!

I've used holistic therapies to ease my stress, find inner calm, feel lighter and happier, sleep better and able to cope and gain strength emotionally and mentally.

I've taken on new challenges, met some amazing, inspirational people, shared their journeys for a time then started a completely new journey for myself by becoming a....

Holistic Therapist!

So, there you go that’s the last 44 years all wrapped up but from all those experiences I am now in a position where I truly understand how some of my clients feel and what baggage we carry around, I'm not a counsellor but clients open up and tell me all sorts about themselves (they feel safe and know it’s a confidential environment).

Our personalities can change over the years through life experience but deep down we are that same person and we need to reconnect, we need to cherish ourselves, regain confidence, build our esteem, it’s not at all easy but it can be done! Believe me, it can.

I used to wish I’d become a holistic therapist years ago but on reflection it was absolutely the right time because without my life experiences I wouldn't have the understanding I do now.

I offer my very best to my clients, a safe space, offering peace in a warm, nurturing environment where clients feel completely at ease to be their true self, with no judgments, no opinions, and a listening ear, they know they are cared for and will leave feeling calm, re-balanced and relaxed.

So, hello I'm Rachel Hunter...who are you?

Depression needs to be diagnosed by your GP, I don't replace the advice of your doctor but can support clients going through a difficult time.

If you think I could help please take a peep at my website and get in touch for a chat, or call 07546527004

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