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Thinking about trying Reflexology?

My Top Tips....Choosing Reflexology

Often we see something we think we'd like to try but because we don't know what to expect we don't take it any further, so here are my top tips to help with choosing Reflexology.

Once you've found a Reflexologist feel comfortable to ask any questions

We are always happy to put your mind at ease.

On visiting for your first appointment

Always give as much information about yourself as you can, there are a series of questions that will need answering. This isn't because the reflexologist is nosy, it's to offer the best treatment possible!


The room will usually have soft lighting, a blanket for your warmth and comfort and background music, but if there is something you don't like then please say. We won't be offended! I've a client who doesn't like background music, another who likes to sit bolt upright and that's absolutely fine with me.

If something doesn't feel comfortable

Don't grin and bear it! It may be an area that needs more attention, but if it's too uncomfortable let us know.

Ask as many questions as you like

We like to be as informative as we can. I'm often asked if it ticklish? it isn't!

That being said - don't feel you have to make conversation, this is your time and space to relax! So you don't have to chat, many of my clients even fall asleep!!

After your treatment

You will be given some 'After Care' advice, to rest, eat healthily and drink plenty of water, this continues to help your body following your treatment.

What to expect in relation to your wellbeing Reflexology can help to improve your general feelings of wellbeing, aid relaxation, improve your mood, release tension, enhance sleep & reduce pain and so much more.

Research links for the following health issues can be found at the bottom of this article -

*Foot reflexology has a positive effect in lowering anxiety during pregnancy.

**Studies also indicated that reflexology may be effective in improving vasomotor problems and have a positive effect on the quality of life for women during the menopausal stage of life. ***Evidence also suggests that for patients suffering with chronic sinusitis appeared to positively respond to reflexology, as much as those using nasal douching.

And Finally...

Make inquiries and book your appointment! AND ENJOY! It's time to put your feet up, switch off, it's time to relax!!!

Please note: Reflexologists don't diagnose nor claim to cure any illnesses so before seeking reflexology is is advised that an appointment is made with your doctor to discuss any medical concerns you may have.

I'm a qualified & experienced Reflexologist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, offering a range of Reflexology (incl. Facial Reflexology, Reflexology for Women's Health and Baby Reflexology) as well as Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Crystal Healing.

Ways to get in touch

T: 07546527004


E: randrholistictherapy

Facebook -

Instagram - rachel_randrtherapy




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