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Unlock your healing potential with Reiki

For some, it may be a difficult concept to understand but hopefully this blog will help you feel more knowledgeable in making the decision to experience this wonderful therapy for yourself.

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key is a Japanese word meaning 'Universal Life-Force Energy'.

Reiki is a very gentle, non-intrusive healing technique, in which energy is channeled to help improve wellbeing. It's a healing modality that originates from Japan and was discovered in the 1920's by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk, ( please note: Reiki is not a religion and requires no specific beliefs to work) he shared his knowledge in the hope that Reiki would continue to touch the hearts of many as well as the morals of society. I can imagine he would feel very satisfied because there are millions of people around the world using Reiki today.

What should I expect from my Reiki experience at R&R Therapy?

My therapy space has been created to envelop you in relaxation as you first enter, helping you to feel calm and safe. I use a therapy couch for all of my treatments, which is usually heated (depending on the weather), there are blankets and pillows for your comfort and warmth. There is soft lighting with Himalayan lamps and candles, soothing essential oil aromas and gentle music playing too. When you visit as you close the door you leave the hustle and bustle of life on the other side and can truly focus on yourself for the duration of your stay.

Initially, there is a consultation form to complete, with questions about health and well-being, this is a requirement for my insurance policy and it enables me to understand your needs and plan the session accordingly.

Once you're on the couch and ready for the treatment to begin I will talk you through what I'm going to do, I'll help you begin to relax, giving some tips regarding quietening your thoughts, it's almost impossible to halt them completely and that's absolutely fine, you will find as the Reiki begins you'll naturally begin to feel peaceful and calm.

So, what to expect during a reiki treatment?

As the practitioner I place my hands lightly on or just above the body to transfer healing energy. I begin at the head (the crown) and as I start you may feel many different sensations,

You may feel warm or cold from my hands or within the areas that are being treated. If you feel particularly warm during the treatment when it ends you may feel significantly cooler.

Tingling or pulsing sensations: Sometimes clients say they feel tingling or pulsing sensations within the body, particularly in the areas where my hands have been placed. you may be aware of energetic movement, some people may perceive a sense of energetic movement within their body, such as waves of energy or gentle vibrations.

There may be an emotional release, leading to feelings of relief, catharsis, tears as stored emotions are released, even laughter!

A heightened awareness as reiki enhances the awareness of your body, emotions, and energetic sensations. It's a quiet time where you are completely aware of yourself with no distractions.

And most often, deep relaxation, reiki often induces a state of deep relaxation, where you may feel calm, peaceful, and at ease as well as pain relief, I find clients experience a reduction in pain or discomfort, as reiki helps to promote the body's natural healing processes.

Can anyone experience reiki?

It is generally considered safe and can be beneficial for people of all ages and backgrounds:

Adults: it helps with stress reduction, relaxation, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

Children: often used to help with issues such as anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and emotional regulation, relaxation and healing. (children under 16 would need an adult to accompany them).

Pregnant Women: generally safe during pregnancy and can provide relief from common pregnancy-related discomforts such as stress, fatigue, and nausea. I also am a maternity reflexology practitioner so have experience of working with pregnant women but I advise you check with your midwife first.

Elderly Individuals: particularly beneficial for older adults, as it can help alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions, promote relaxation, and enhance overall quality of life.

People with Chronic Illnesses: Reiki is recognised within hospital and hospice settings and often used as a complementary therapy for individuals with chronic illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. While it may not cure these conditions, Reiki can help manage symptoms and improve overall well-being.


Reiki is generally considered safe for most people but there are some contraindications and reiki may not be recommended.

Medical Conditions: Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment, and I advise anyone with an underlying condition to seek medical advice beforehand. Reiki complements conventional medical care and is not a substitute.

Severe Mental Health Conditions: If you have severe mental health conditions, such as psychosis or severe depression I advise against Reiki in the short term because it can at times be emotionally intense.

Personal Space: Reiki involves physical touch, albeit light and non-invasive. If you've had any experiences with abuse please tell me so I am aware of any boundaries and your feelings.

If you would like to try Reiki to understand it better you will be very welcome here at R&R Therapy, you can Book Online | randrtherapy ( and if you have any questions please do drop me an email to

Please note, if you have any allergies to scents or essential oils please make me aware before visiting.

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