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What word would you choose?

Updated: May 6, 2022

At the very beginning of 2022, I chose a word for the year and that word was FUN! It’s proving to be a very precious word to have, because boy, hasn’t this year been tough so far? Not so much with Covid now but everything else that's going on globally.

So, here’s the theory, choosing a word for the year, whatever it may be gives an element of direction and helps with conscious choices. It may be to rest, learn, explore, you get the idea, but for me, it was to do more that equated to fun. After the last two years, I felt I needed to raise my vibration and bring more happiness, and feelings of contentment, see more places, and create more memories too.

Barter Bookstore, Alnwick, Northumberland

It certainly isn’t to put myself under more pressure, with a longer list of stuff to do, plan or arrange but to focus on the fun things as and when they crop up, grabbing the opportunities as they arise. So, what have I done so far?

I was invited to spend an evening with a group of women I didn't know too well for a night out – I loved it! There were so many different personalities, we had a great night, I’d planned to be home for around 11 and it was well after 1 in the morning, always a good sign of a great night, don’t you think? There wasn't too much in the way of alcohol - being the age I am now and with the menopause, my body argues with me - it's just not worth it, there was plenty of chat and a great deal of dancing.

I’ve tried new experiences too, a sound bath was something I’d been curious about, so instead of thinking about it, I saw an event and booked it! What would you like to do but haven’t gotten around to yet?

I met up with a friend I’d not seen for far, far too long, we spent hours catching up on life, and enjoyed good food, it was a special, special time and one we are going to revisit. Who have you not seen for ages?

We had the whole family over to enjoy brunch, a bit chaotic as there were 12 of us, we chatted, laughed, and even celebrated an engagement with prosecco - at 11 in the morning, well why not?!

My idea is to make time each month, it may be impromptu, but clearly, there are some things that need planning, there’s Sarah Millican to see this month, a weekend away next month, and a zip wire to sort too. Yes, the bigger the better and for me, it will be fun, there will be adrenaline flowing and initial fear, but I know by the end I’ll be squealing with glee. We’ve also just bought a van to convert so there will be some adventures to be enjoyed a little later this year.

Fun, for me, means anything that is not work-related, I absolutely adore my work and have good laughs regularly with many clients, however, I do take my work very seriously.

Thus it’s about me taking time for me to completely enjoy my day, switch off and focus on things I want to do independently or with family and friends, it may be as simple as going to the cinema, eating out, being in the fresh air, on the beach with the dogs, if at the end of the day I feel relaxed, elated or that I’ve had a great day, I‘ve had fun!

Fun has a different meaning to us all, what does it mean for you? What would you like to do? Or what word would you choose for the rest of the year? Food for thought don’t you think?

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