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Forget about the feet! How about the face?

Facial Reflexology, have you heard of it?

There are a variety of Facial Reflexology treatments available with influences from Asia (China & Vietnam), then hop over to the other side of the world & add that of the Native Americans too, and so face maps that we as Holistic Therapists can vary from one therapist to another, but the principle remains the same.

Facial Reflexology is a truly relaxing therapy, which eases those day to day stresses, (did you know that stress is responsible for in the region of 80% of illness today), so by making simple changes in our life's, such as choosing Facial Reflexology we can begin to help our own health & wellbeing.

So, with that in mind these are just some of the benefits that may have a positive impact on how we feel;

Relieve tension

Relieve stress

Feel more relaxed

Improve skin*

Improve sleep

Improve your mood and sense of wellbeing

Occasionally Facial Reflexology would be contra-indicated, for e.g. if you’ve incurred any recent head or neck injuries, so it’s best to have a chat with your therapist at the time of making your appointment

What does it involve?

A full consultation is completed initially in which your needs and requirements are discussed, then a gentle cleanse and tone before applying aromatherapy oil. Once the oil has penetrated the skin a range of techniques are used to complete the reflexology routine which includes gentle pressure being applied all over the face. Although it’s called Facial Reflexology it also involves work around the ears, neck and scalp too. (Which is absolutely gorgeous!!)

If you’re not too keen on having your feet touched this is a perfect therapy for you.

A treatment lasts approx 45 minutes

Client Testimonials

*“It was the first time I had tried Facial Reflexology so wasn’t sure what to expect, however, I found it very enjoyable. I fully relaxed during the treatment and felt stress and tension melt away. It was fascinating that areas of sensitivity on my face related to the problem areas within my body. I felt much calmer and more balanced afterwards and my skin looked visibly brighter, which was a bonus! Overall, I would highly recommend this treatment.” Michelle

“Lovely treatments with Rachel this afternoon, reflexology & facial reflexology, everyone should try it. Thanks Rachel” Diane

Further details

Rachel Hunter is a qualified and experienced holistic therapist and the owner of R&R Therapy is on Benton Park Road, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7LX

To book: Tel 07546527004 or email

Holistic Treatments are available from £25.

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