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Client Female

Age 51

Date 19/10/18

Reason for visit: Relaxation, also assistance with lower back pain

Clients visits are for numerous reasons, some reasons are familiar from one client to the next, for others not so, but the common denominator is the same, to feel better!

When I say feel better I mean an improved sense of wellbeing!

For one client in particular she regularly visits once a month, 99% of the time around 5 pm on a Friday, unless it's the school holidays where the appointment day and time may vary and the reason is usually for relaxation and a sense of calm.

During her visit in October she mentioned having back pain which had been troubling her for a few weeks, affecting her day to day routines, her ability during weekly Yoga classes and more recently her sleep.

Having completed studying 'Women's Health' with Hagar Basis in September, I chatted about some new techniques I learnt. Although it meant working much deeper my client was happy to give it a try! 'Go for it!!' she said

Usually my client becomes very peaceful and quiet during her treatment but on this occasion we needed to chat a little, about how she was feeling when a new technique was applied. Listening to what she had to say and reading my clients face are imperative aspects of my work, so I can either increase or decrease the pressure I use for their comfort.

The reactions were positive, my client could feel the changes whilst I was working, a feeling of energy moving throughout her body, working its way up her legs, into her back and even up into her head, sometimes as a 'fizzy' feeling, other times as a wave like sensation.

I'd hoped that by changing the techniques we could make some significant positive changes, potentially with pain reduction and improvements to her sleep, particularly as my client had to pack a suitcase and be at the airport very early the following morning, because she was going to be travelling I wasn't expecting to hear from her as far as feedback was concerned until her next appointment, but was delighted to receive an email, here's what she had to say, bearing in mind she had to be up in the early hours, take a look at the quality of her restful sleep...

5 hours 29 mins total sleep

Restful 96%

Restless 4%

"After weeks of always feeling my lower back pain, I had 5 hours of bliss last night. And to top it off I had the best sleep - short but perfect. Packing without the constant twinge was wonderful!"

Your reflexology impact continues to astound me!

The power of reflexology, hey?

This article has been written with the agreement of my client.

I don't claim to diagnose or cure ailments with reflexology and suggest visiting your GP with any medical concerns you may have.

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