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And I'm Still Smiling

As I sit here typing I have the biggest smile on my face, I think it's got something to do with the endorphins, no actually, IT IS because of the endorphins and some other stuff.

So, let me begin at the beginning.

Last week I volunteered myself to help a fellow business owner, Rachael Beattie, record some physical exercises for her business The Mind and Body Coach. (I must add I’d never met her before) but she'd put a call out for help and I knew I could help her, we’re also both in the well-being industry and members of so I saw this as a great opportunity, to meet and chat about what we do, as well as ask her about the coaching program she offers as I’m not getting any younger but do want to get fitter. It’s even on my 2021 vision board, that’s how important it is to me and although I used lockdown 3 to lose a stone and walk every day, I still need to do more and this was an opportunity to ‘wag a finger at myself ‘and whisper 'it's now May, get a wriggle on! The plan was hatched.

Fleetingly I told myself I was mad because I was not only going to be partaking in exercise I was also going to be RECORDED, as in filmed, yes, filmed!! But since I’ve been in business I will set myself challenges to step outside of my comfort zone because it ultimately makes me stronger, improves my confidence and self-esteem, and actually, now I was committed too (I don’t like letting people down).

And this is where a little anxiety began to creep in, I’ve not set foot in a ‘fitness’ focused building for over 25 years, well I’ve done Zumba but this was going to be hardcore, I was 1 to 1 with a personal coach.

What will I wear?

What if I’m late because my navigation skills are rubbish, even with sat-nav!

What if I use the wrong entrance?

What if you make yourself look stupid?

What if you can’t do what she wants you to?

What if you have to rush back to work and spend the afternoon looking like a beetroot when clients visit?

Oh, the mind monkeys were leaping around and kept on trying to leap every day thereafter, but I am very practiced now at sedating them, shutting them up, and don’t even begin to think about a long string of excuses as to why I have to pull out, yes, I've done that and have the t-shirt.

So, to answer the questions, I wore a pair of leggings and bought a new top. I did have to loop back around the Silverlink roundabout, Sat Nav was taking a toilet break and by the time it told me where to go, I’d passed it, but not a worry I’d left home in plenty of time.

The building had the main entrance so logically I’d use that but with Covid I rang Rachel, just to be sure I was using the right door, I was and all was fine.

No, I don’t think I made myself look stupid at all. It was a real pleasure to spend some time with Rachael (she's lovely) to chat face to face (woohoo) share our backgrounds and our skills and talk about being in business, it can be lonely sometimes.

Er, the task itself was chair-based, so not at all hardcore, it was all within my capabilities (and probably would have been my no 1 reason for not going) *

I didn’t have to rush back, the traffic flowed nicely, I even had time for my lunch (that really wasn’t a reason to feel anxious at all) and nor, did I look like a beetroot.

*You see, all too often we really do overthink things, we can talk ourselves out of having new experiences just because we allow our overactive minds to take over. Please don’t get me wrong, anxiety is a huge issue, I know there have been times where I’ve really, really struggled. We allow ourselves to be taken over with so much negativity and the what if’s when quite often these things just don’t happen or the events unfurl in a very different way, not at all in the way we have set the scenes in our mind.

So, how do we manage that? We allow those thoughts to happen without getting too attached to them, we rationalise, then we need to reassure ourselves. What is the worst that can happen? In my case getting lost, struggling with the task, wearing the wrong things, heading into the wrong entrance, nothing life-threatening, nothing that would cause anyone any harm, maybe some embarrassment but that wouldn’t be the first time and I survived.

Everything was manageable and rectifiable.

So I am still smiling, my smile is for the new contact I have, the tick for my vision board, the visit to see someone face to face, for helping someone out, and for feeling ready for the day ahead.

Also, I'm actually laughing at the thought of being put through my paces, it being hardcore!!! I was seated and did exercises that even my Dad at 82 would manage quite well. Worth it? Definitely!

Anxiety can raise its ugly head at any time in our life, it can be totally debilitating and change the way we live life which is so incredibly sad, there is never a reason to remain quiet, always help is at hand there is nothing too embarrassing, like not being sure how to enter a building, yes, that is a cause for anxiety, so is, where will you park? Both reasons to talk yourself out of doing something that you enjoy. If you struggle with anxiety we are here to help! Exercise and holistic therapies help enormously.

My message is to believe in yourself, you are capable of so much more than you think! Always know that You are worthy.

It’s very easy to take the safe option, to remain within the uncomfortable, comfort blanket of the life you know, but there is so much more to be had, to do, to offer. You’ll meet new people, make new friends, feel stronger, have more confidence, courage, and smile readily, but it must start with a teeny, tiny small step. You may eventually find yourself smiling and laughing like me today!

What step could you take?

Could I help you with meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, or one of my other holistic therapies?

Could Rachael help with exercise, nutrition?

If you feel nervous about calling, text me. If you feel nervous about visiting, call me.or simply visit my website, first. I’m here to help!

Rachel Beattie is too, you can find out more about her here

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