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S - Slow Down

T - Take a breath

O - Opportunities need to be taken

P - Peace is something we all need

When you have the opportunity to step back and slow down you really must take it!

All too often there is a list of things to be done or the needs of others that need to be fulfilled and we leave ourselves running until the empty gauge is almost upon us and then we're left feeling totally depleted, struggling to find the energy or enthusiasm each new day.

The Universe really did have my back when I blocked out 3 days in my diary because behind the scenes there had been numerous things going on and I was aware of how I was beginning to feel. Since returning to R&R Therapy on April 12th after the 3rd lockdown it has been so incredibly and brilliantly busy, I've seen so many of my regular clientele and a significant number of new clients too so to have a little time off was much needed.

I decided to book two nights away rather than staying at home and pottering (aka known as doing jobs that could wait) and I'm finding as I get older it really is the simple pleasures in life I enjoy more than anything else. Fresh air and freedom bring me complete tranquility. So my choice of accommodation was a perfectly, peaceful hideaway. I stayed in a converted stable, beautifully decorated, with clean facilities, opposite a lush green paddock, where you only heard birdsong and the church bells toll on the hour and half-hour. It was utter bliss,

We were so lucky with the weather too, we were able to eat Al Fresco, even opening the door of the accommodation during the early hours of the morning to watch the moon and stars, there was no light pollution to spoil the view and it felt so good for my holistic wellbeing as I strongly believe balance for our complete wellbeing has to be physically, mentally and emotionally supportive, I was taking care of all aspects of my wellbeing, right there! We ventured out and about locally to where we were staying, visiting Harrogate and Knaresborough, both lovely destinations to see. If you've not been you're missing a trick, I can recommend both, particularly the waterside in Knaresborough.

Mr. H and I shared a baguette with ham & cheese and strawberries (in almost Enid Blyton Style, all that was missing was the ginger beer), followed by a gorgeous Yorkshire ice cream, well you have to don't you?

We are spoilt for choice with Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, Durham and even the jewels of North Yorkshire within a short car journey, the cities, the countryside, and the gorgeous coastline, I had wanted to do some wild swimming in a river but the flies hovering on the surface put me off but I did enjoy a paddle.

So today, I'm back in my lovely holistic therapy room, here in South Gosforth. Ready to see my first clients of the day for reflexology, reiki, and facial reflexology, and I feel completely rested and restored! I truly did practice what I preach!

I have a few appointments available at the end of August so if you need to stop, take a breath, grab an opportunity to enjoy some peace, please do get in touch. If you've managed to book a holiday grab every opportunity to embrace the precious moments and memory making, enjoy and have a safe, happy Summer.

Much Love


You can get in touch with me, Rachel Hunter by clicking on the link below

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